Your buying power, combined.

The online platform that makes buying a house with a friend easier than ever.

How Pairadime makes co-buying easy

A dedicated co-buy concierge

How does this work?

Right when you sign up, you’re paired with a co-buy concierge to support you through your entire co-buy.

Your concierge will answer questions, connect you with local real estate professionals, and ensure your co-buy progresses smoothly.

This service is completely free!

A suite of co-buying tools

What can I do with the tools?
  • Find prospective co-buyers
  • Figure out how much home you can afford together
  • Align on the important details needed to buy a home together
  • Draft a contract online for $99

A network of professionals

Who’s in the network?

We work with real estate agents, lenders, and attorneys all throughout the US and Canada. Every member of our network is an expert in home co-ownership.

Buy together, benefit together

Buying a house with a friend has great perks. Here are some of our favorites.

Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage.

When own your home, it doubles as your savings account—not your landlord’s.

Start building wealth sooner.

According to a  2021 study, the average homeowner’s net worth is about 38 times that of a renter.

Get a better home.

Want to have a garden or buy in your favorite neighborhood? Co-buying levels up your prospects.

Reduce your environmental impact.

From sharing appliances to splitting the cost of solar panels, co-buying makes it easier to live sustainably.

Find housing security.

No rent hikes or lease non-renewals. If you pay your mortgage, you keep your home.

I can’t.

We can.

Follow our step-by-step guide to home co-ownership.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Schedule a consultation with a co-buy expert.

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Buying a house with a friend has never been easier 

Start using the Pairadime platform for free today.