I can’t.

We can.

A step-by-step guide to realizing your homeownership dreams together.

step one

Find a co-buyer (or co-buyers).

Send our Co-Buyer Survey to family and friends to see who could be a good fit. 

step TWO

Estimate what you can afford.

Curious what kind of house you could buy with your current rent? Our Affordability Calculator estimates your combined buying power.

step THREE

Speak with a mortgage provider.

Once you meet with a lender, you’ll know your true price range. Our partners specialize in co-buying and are ready to help.

step four

Work with an experienced real estate agent.

Clients of Pairadime-subscribed agents use all of our tools for free. If your agent isn’t a subscriber,  tell them about us! If you don’t have an agent, we’ll connect you with one in your area.

step five

Align on the basics.

Before you start putting in offers, you’ll want to lay the foundation of your co-ownership arrangement. How will you divide ownership? What if someone wants to sell? Align breaks down the mechanics of co-ownership so you can get on the same page.

step six

Make an agreement.

Agreement Builder walks you through the most important aspects of co-owning a home and creates a custom contract based on your input. You can start this anytime, but once you have details like the property address and closing costs, you’re ready to bring your document to an attorney for review.

step seven

Enjoy your new home!

You now have a clearly structured and documented co-ownership arrangement, and the peace of mind that comes with it. Enjoy!

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