couple and their child moving into a new home
What we believe

Homeownership should be accessible

We believe everyone should be able to own a home. Co-buying with friends, family, or a significant other builds stronger communities and creates more financial and housing security.

Our mission is to provide a simple, powerful platform that helps people realize their homeownership dreams, together.

How Pairadime helps co-buyers

Expert professionals

Who’s in the network?

We work with real estate agents, lenders, and attorneys all throughout the US and Canada. Every member of our network is an expert in home co-ownership.

Suite of co-buying tools

What can I do with the tools?
  • Find prospective co-buyers
  • Estimate how much home you can afford together
  • Align on the important details needed to co-buy a home
  • Draft a contract online for $99

Co-buy concierge service 

How does this work?

Right when you sign up, you’re paired with a dedicated concierge to support you through your entire co-buy.

Your concierge will answer questions, connect you with local real estate professionals, and ensure your co-buy progresses smoothly.

This service is completely free!