How Pairadime makes co-buying easy

A dedicated co-buy concierge

How does this work?

Right when you sign up, you’re paired with a co-buy concierge to support you through your entire co-buy.

Your concierge will answer questions, connect you with local real estate professionals, and ensure your co-buy progresses smoothly.

This service is completely free!

A suite of co-buying tools

What can I do with the tools?
  • Find prospective co-buyers
  • Figure out how much home you can afford together
  • Align on the important details needed to buy a home together
  • Draft a contract online

A network of professionals

Who’s in the network?

We work with real estate agents, lenders, and attorneys all throughout the US and Canada. Every member of our network is an expert in home co-ownership.

From our co-buyers

photo of two friends standing at the front door of their new investment property

“Our Pairadime partner agent answered all our questions as we set out to buy a rental property as friends. And the Agreement Builder helped us outline the details clearly in a legal contract. Highly recommend!”

Izzy and Evan – Port Alberni, BC

photo of a group of co-buyers sitting on the front steps of their house

“My housemates and I already loved living together and thought, why keep putting money in our landlord’s pocket? We were thrilled to find Pairadime and its tools. Now we’re living proof that you don’t have to make millions to buy and live in Boston!”

Dylan, Naomi, Lillina, and Larry – Boston, MA

photo of a couple standing on the deck of their new house

“The Pairadime process was seamless! Our agent informed us about everything we needed to know, prepare for, and expect. The process made me feel confident about buying a home together.”

Jake and Megan – Seattle, WA

The Pairadime tools

From estimating your budget to drafting a legal agreement, our tools make home co-ownership easier.

smartphone displaying screen from Match

Not sure who to co-buy with? Use Match to create a co-buyer profile and find a good fit.

laptop displaying the affordability calculator

Enter what you can each contribute financially and the Affordability Calculator will estimate the home price you can afford together.

smartphone displaying a screen from Align

Align covers fundamental things like dividing equity, handling repairs, and managing rentals, so you can agree on the basics.

laptop displaying the ownership calculator

Using your home’s purchase price and each co-buyer’s payments, Ownership Calculator determines each person’s ownership percentage over time.

laptop displaying the opening screen from Agreement Builder

Agreement Builder walks through the key aspects of home co-ownership and drafts a custom legal agreement based on your input.

The Pairadime network

Connect with home co-ownership experts throughout the US and Canada.

woman meeting with her mortgage advisor at a cafe

Mortgage network

Explore your loan options and get pre-approved.

real estate agent standing in an office

Partner real estate agents

Get expert guidance and unrestricted free use of our platform.

co-buy concierge standing in an office

Co-ownership experts

Schedule a 15-minute call and get your questions answered.

Don’t have a co-buyer yet?

When you use Match, you can choose to get notified when someone in your area has similar co-buying goals. If you both think it’s a match, we’ll put you in touch!  

woman sitting with her laptop at her kitchen table, using Match to find a co-buyer
co-buy concierge sitting at a desk

Your personal co-buy concierge

Your co-buy is unique. That’s why we provide a dedicated concierge to give you a tailored experience from start to finish—free of charge!

We’re proud to work with the best in the business.

I can’t.

We can.

Follow our step-by-step guide to home co-ownership.

two friends moving into a new house

Curious what kind of home you could get with your current rent?

Use our calculator to estimate your co-buying budget.


Brokers, how are you helping your co-buy clients?

Our broker subscription includes online training, one-on-one support, and free, unlimited access to our products for you and your clients.

real estate agent shaking hands with someone