Owning a home is pretty great.

We think there’s more than one way to get there.

That’s why we’re making it easier for friends, family, and unmarried partners to buy together.

  • A Co-Buy Calculator that estimates what you could buy with your current rent, and how your investment may grow over time
  • Online tools that help you define your ownership terms and make your co-ownership agreement
  • An expansive partner network of real estate agents and mortgage brokers ready to help you

Your 4-step path to owning a home

We’ve broken down the co-ownership process so you can proceed with clarity and confidence.

Learn more about co-ownership

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Find an experienced real estate agent

Make a co-ownership agreement

the first step

Learn more about co-ownership

Get to know the process and explore what you can do when you buy together.

Co-Buy Calculator

Find out how much house you can afford now, and what you could earn over time.

Pairadime Agreement 101

See how to share equity and manage things like expenses and rentals.

The second step

Get financing that fits

Our mortgage partners are deeply knowledgeable and dedicated to getting you the right loan for your circumstances.

the third step

Find an agent who knows co-ownership

Every real estate agent in our partner network specializes in helping people navigate the nuances of co-ownership.

the fourth step

Get on the same page

A clear contract is a must. Learn more about co-ownership agreements and use the Pairadime Agreement Builder to draft yours today.

Get started today