Kids want parents to benefit, too.

We asked 1,000 millennial renters what kind of homebuying help they’d like from their parents:

  • Financial assistance as an investment (51%)
  • Financial assistance as a gift (21%)
  • Mortgage co-signer with no financial assistance (10%)
  • Help navigating the process only (4%)
  • Not applicable (14%)
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Goodbye, gift letter. Hello, shared equity.

Buying a house with your parents is simpler than ever.

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Affordability Calculator

See how co-buying increases your buying power.

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Align on the details of your investment with this free tool.

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Agreement Builder

Create a custom co-ownership contract online for $99.

Buying a house with your parents in 6 steps

Meet with your co-buy concierge.

Right after you sign up, you’re assigned a co-buy concierge to help you through the entire process. With one quick call, they’ll determine your best course of action.

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See how much home you can get.

Enter the amount each of you can contribute into our Affordability Calculator and get an estimate of your budget.

Decide on the details.

Want to pay Mom back with interest? Or maybe sharing the home’s equity is a better fit for your family. Align helps you find the best arrangement for you.

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illustration of a woman buying a house with parents and making a contract

Lay it out in a contract.

When buying a house with your parents, it’s important to document the details to avoid confusion. Make a custom co-ownership agreement online for just $99 with Agreement Builder.

Enjoy your home.

This part’s pretty self explanatory—but very important!

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Sell and distribute the profts.

Because you have a clear co-ownership agreement, you’ll know exactly how to divide the profits when you sell the home.

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Questions? We’re here to help.

Schedule a consultation with a co-buy expert.

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