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Real estate professionals with experience in co-buying

Working with an agent, mortgage broker, or attorney who doesn’t understand co-buying can make things unnecessarily costly and time consuming. That’s why we’ve built an expansive network of partners to help you.

Expert help throughout the US and Canada

Whether you’re in the Pacific Northwest, the Florida Panhandle, the Atlantic provinces, or anywhere in between, we’ve got someone nearby who’s ready to help.

All of our partners have:

A client-first mindset

Every member of our network has demonstrated their commitment to prioritizing their clients over their bottom line.

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Co-buying expertise

All of our partners have a minimum of ten successful co-buy transactions under their belt.

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Extensive experience

Our partners have at least:

  • Five years of full-time work in real estate, or
  • Sixty real estate sales
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Together, we make a good thing even better

In addition to their co-buying experience, our partners have full access to our tools and training on how to use them, so they can serve you even better.

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